Hike Maine Photo Essay - Mount Katahdin

Mount Katahdin, Maine's tallest mountain, towers 5267 feet above the dense forests of Piscataquis County. Known to the local Penobscot Indians as "the Greatest Mountain," its stark prominence and remote location has awed those that have visited for generations, including the likes of Henry David Thoreau.

More recently, National Geographic listed Mount Katahdin as one of the best summit hikes in the world. The hike is demanding no matter which way you approach it - at least 4000 vertical feet of climbing is required before you can celebrate your accomplishments at the top of Baxter Peak, which marks the northern terminus for the Appalachian Trail. Katahdin is also home to the infamous Knife's Edge Trail, a narrow and daunting traverse across a steep ridge that connects Baxter Peak to the lower Pamola Peak.  

The journey to the Katahdin region takes time and effort; don't expect great cell service, or many modern luxuries, when you arrive at Baxter State Park. But this remote, off-the-grid experience is exactly what makes the adventure worthwhile. After all, connecting with family and friends in nature perfectly defines "the way life should be." - Jamie Walter

Jamie Walter
Jamie Walter


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